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Not 59, but 24 years old with 35 years of experience. Co-founded Russian Communications in 1993, NewsBase in 1995, was the world’s first Digital Biographer in 2007, and first UK editor for The Next Web in 2009.

Online since 1989, creating web sites since 1996, blogging since 2003 and tweeting since 2007.


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Doctor David Petherick - The Doctor is In

Doctor David Petherick

David Petherick has helped individuals and organisations to be visible, legible and credible on LinkedIn since 2006.

As a LinkedIn profile Doctor he rewrites LinkedIn Profiles to engage, connect, & convince, and has delivered keynotes about using LinkedIn effectively to audiences in eight countries to date.

He has been published on TV & Radio and online at the BBC, TechCrunch, LinkedIn® Official Blog, The Next Web, Irish Examiner, and many more. David has published more than 200 articles on LinkedIn, and regularly writes guest blogs and appears in podcasts. The Doctor has also created a number of free-to-access interactive publications such as his popular LinkedIn 5-a-Day Diet at https://is-in.link/five

David has an engaging and entertaining delivery style, providing practical tips and take-aways, as well as more in-depth examinations of the issues and opportunities for individuals and organisations using LinkedIn.

Born in and working from Edinburgh, Scotland, David speaks fair Russian and basic Spanish, has been married for over 30 years, and has one daughter. He loves #F1, reading, travel, wine, and whisky. He enjoys cooking for friends and visitors.

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