Doctor David Petherick

What exactly does this 'LinkedIn Doctor' do?

Let me explain...

I make your LinkedIn presence more visible, legible and credible.


LinkedIn Health Checks. Profile Surgery. Regular Visibility Checks. On demand Paramedic Service. Flying Doctor. Business Presentations. Microsurgery.Team Profile Neurosurgery.

Delivered anywhere, anytime.

Doctor David Petherick is In for you, to deliver regular help, advice and encouragement for LinkedIn.

  1. All services are delivered by Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or phone to suit your diary. The Doctor's diary robot automagically works out a time that he and you are free, even across timezones.
  2. The process normally starts with a ten minute personal interview, with no sales pitch and no obligation, to assess your best options for using the service, and how you can best work together with your Doctor to improve your LinkedIn Profile.
  3. David Petherick has been delivering LinkedIn Profile Surgery services since 2006 to help both individuals and organisations improve their visibility, legibility and credibility on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor, and am not affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn Corporation. I hold an Honorary PhD in Business Counselling.

LinkedIn Doctor's
Processes and Methodology



Book a free 10-minute appointment

  • You talk 1-to-1 with David Petherick. No sales pitch.
  • An honest chat, where I listen carefully, and can suggest cures.
  • Benefit of 17 years of medical experience on LinkedIn.


Expert Advice

  • We can talk in detail about what pain or suffering you have.
  • I'll give you a written diagnosis.
  • Access to library of self-medication treatments.


The medicine you need

  • Written prescription. Links to self-help information.
  • The exact medicine provided for your ailments.
  • No pharmacy visit - get it direct from the Doctor.


For patients requiring surgery

  • Full profile X-Ray or MRI.
  • Facelifts, Neurosurgery, Microsurgery to Triple Bypass
  • Post-operation check-ups if necessary.


Long term health outlook

  • What to expect based on diagnosis or successful surgery.
  • Long-term effects of treatment.
  • Regular check ups may be advised.

Regular Medication

Regular Medication or Check-ups

  • Monitor your LinkedIn health.
  • Microsurgery or Neurosurgery if required.
  • Different medicines as needed.


Lab analysis and testing

  • Detailed examination of issues such as LinkedIn Advertising.
  • A/B tests for different content.
  • Testing of audiences, personas and targeting.

New Medication

Flexibility when circumstances change

  • Changes in medication as LinkedIn evolves.
  • New job or promotion diagnosis.
  • Consultations to decide on new treatments or exercise plans.

Paramedic Help

Emergency treatment on call

  • Fast response time.
  • Stabilise the patient.
  • Emergency treatment or medication.

Heart to Heart

Talk about anything that ails you

  • Up to 90-minute appointments.
  • Full confidentiality assured, as with all procedures.
  • Written diagnosis and prescription.

Flying Doctor

In-person or virtual flights

  • Custom flight plans for your group.
  • Delivering presentations at physical or virtual conferences.
  • Optional 1-to-1 surgery or prescriptions when not airside.

Group Therapy

Help for groups suffering similar ailments

  • Flying Doctor provides specialist advice to group or team.
  • One to one follow ups with diagnosis, treatment or prescriptions.
  • Regular group or individual check-ups as required.

Community Health

Help for communities and organisations

  • Diagnosis or Surgery for Company Pages.
  • Cosmetic Surgery if required.
  • Regular Check-ups and Testing if required.

Medical Research

Searching for effective solutions to chronic problems

  • Exploratory work on audience, marketing efficacy or team health.
  • Work done for you or done with you.
  • Monitoring and Health Checks if required

More listening

Regular Health Checks to your agenda

  • Every 6 months, 3 months, 2 months, or monthly.
  • You set the agenda for what's we discuss.
  • Up to date prescriptions as required.

Keep the Doctor away

Dietary Advice and Exercise Plans

  • Unique 5-a-Day Diet for LinkedIn
  • Individually tailored exercise plans.
  • Regular physiotherapy if diagnosed.

Doctor David Petherick

Doctor David PetherickDoctor David Petherick

  • Spoken at several conferences internationally on social selling & digital marketing.
  • Clients include Turtl, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, 24 Stories, Toothpic, LetsGetChecked.
  • Contributed to 2 books on social media.
  • Featured on BBC, TechCrunch, Herald, Scotsman, LinkedIn® Official Blog, MarketingLand, CyberAlert, B2BMarketing & more.
  • Delivered presentations or 'LinkedIn® Surgeries' at presentations & at conferences from Moscow to Marseille, Lisbon to London.

I'm busy. Why bother with LinkedIn?

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