Ethics. Yes. I'm glad you've come to read this page. It's important to me, I hope it's important to you.

Doctor David Petherick

David Petherick: Ethics Statement

  • My commitment to helping clients make responsible choices extends to my own company. I strive to run an ethical business that can benefit the world and empowers clients to run a business that gives a shit.
  • This is, of course, a work in progress.
  • Let me know how I can improve, please.

    What I am doing

    I pledge 5% of my fees to the planet through One Tree Planted

    I donate 100% of my fees for my Profile X-Ray service to the UK Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

    I have been a supporting partner of Scottish EDGE since 2017

    I power my products and services with renewable energy whenever possible

    I aim to reduce my carbon footprint through remote meetings and sustainable travel

    I only take on work I know I can deliver

    I pay suppliers quickly and fairly

    I adhere to the principals of corporate social and digital responsibility

    I respect the privacy of client and user data


    I aim to work on projects, or with organizations, who:

    Promote a healthy natural environment

    Reduce consumption of physical goods

    Reduce waste

    Tackle injustice

    Promote fairness and equality in the workspace

    Pay all work fairly

    I do not take on projects that deal in:

    Arms, ammunition and conflict

    Discrimination or extremism


    Predatory financial services

    I do not work with organisations that:

    have staff who are abusive to my team or suppliers

    have a record of lobbying against positive change

    have a record of disregard for the environment or human rights

    have a history of engaging in illegal or unethical activities

    engage in unethical or exploitative labour practices

    engage in discriminatory practices