Free Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered LinkedIn Profile Scorecard and Review!

A customised scored review of your LinkedIn Profile delivered in association with Resume Worded...

What your AI review will look like...

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AI Powered LinkedIn Profile Review Example

How to get your FREE AI-powered Linkedin Profile Review:

To assess your profile, first download your LinkedIn Profile as a PDF:

  1. Log into LinkedIn and click on 'Me' at top right to go to your profile.
  2. Click on the 'More...' button, then select 'Save to PDF' and note the folder where you download to.
  3. Go to and upload the PDF to receive a free AI-powered review and scorecard.
  4. You're done. You can thank me by buying me a beer later. In Ireland, a Murphy's of course.

How to download your profile as a PDF

Ready to get your Artifical Intelligence powered Scorecard & Review?

If you've downloaded your PDF version of your profile, you are ready to go.

But be warned, it's scarily human. This particular artificial intelligence tool is actually very intelligent.