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Monthly one-to-one Health Checks to keep your LinkedIn presence effective. Delivered anywhere by Zoom, Skype or phone.

The Doctor is In for you to deliver regular help, advice and encouragement. You will enhance your visibility, legibility and credibility on LinkedIn.

Doctor David Petherick delivers checks by Skype, Zoom, or phone to suit your diary.

As a special launch offer until January 30th 2022, your first two months are just £15.97, thereafter £29.97 a month, debited easily from your credit or debit card or via PayPal. You can cancel without penalty any time.

All this comes with a 100% 1,000 day money back satisfaction guarantee.


"I have known David and his work since 2015 when we first connected on LinkedIn. I have since then been very impressed by his insight, work ethic and willingness to share his in-depth expertise. You are in good hands with this Doctor!"

Bruce Johnston

This is not a group membership scheme.

There is no setup fee.

These are not group zoom calls where you have no voice or time to ask questions.

This is expert one-to-one advice regularly with Doctor David Petherick.

You can ask all the questions you need — you drive the agenda.

Be more productive. Be more successful.

  • Initial offer prices are also limited to the first 48 people, and will be increased on 30th January 2022, so I recommend early action to lock in these prices.

What's included in your LinkedIn Health Checks?


This is not a group call or some membership scheme. You receive the exclusive, focused one-to-one attention of Doctor David Petherick for twenty minutes every month.

David has over 15 years of experience on LinkedIn, and he'll help you to keep your profile aligned with your potential, and your activity focused on raising visibility.

David will help you uncover exactly how you can improve your presence. You drive the agenda, and you get the advice and help you need.

"David has helped me and a number of friends. There's no one better to make you visible, legible and credible on LinkedIn. I've recommended David consistently, and everyone who has used his services as a result has been bloody delighted with the results. Recommended. Highly."

"David spent more than 30-mins with me on video-call reviewing my profile section by section, and came up with lots of useful extra tips, mods & things for me to consider. I think the service was fantastic."

Doctor David Petherick

What's the perfect prescription for improving your profile and easing your LinkedIn pain?

I help you to create a high functioning, goal-focused LinkedIn profile. One that brands you effectively, gets you noticed, and earns the respect of your peers.

Employ the services of the man the BBC called the world's first Digital Biographer — David Petherick. No inexperienced Nurses or Junior Doctors.

  • You get my wisdom, expertise and insight working for you, one-to-one each and every month.
  • You schedule the surgeries to suit your diary, and can reschedule easily without penalty. Timezone differences are no problem.
  • Ask any questions you have about using LinkedIn effectively. You control the agenda.
  • Resolve any problems you have using LinkedIn as the issues arise.
  • I will keep you motivated through your regular Health Check Surgeries.
  • You can also ask to have regular reviews of your crucial headline and 'about' section. I will supply 'prescription' edits for immediate use.

Together we will ensure that it's much easier for the right people to find you on LinkedIn. And to like what they see. This will translate into more profile views, more connections and more business. 

  • I've worked with clients in 5 continents from my base in Scotland. I have been helping people improve their LinkedIn Profiles since 2006.

The BBC first recognised my talents as what they termed a Digital Biographer back in 2007. I've improved a lot of LinkedIn profiles since then. I have taken care of the LinkedIn Health of hundreds of people.

Let me take care of you now.

— David Petherick

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Cured Patients: Pain, Prescription, Prognosis...

Pat Phelan 

"David has helped me and a number of friends. There's no one better to make you visible, legible and credible on LinkedIn. I've recommended David consistently, and everyone who has used his services as a result has been bloody delighted with the results. Recommended. Highly." 

Paul F Cockburn

“David’s friendly, assured advice provided a much-needed kick-start to making my LinkedIn profile work harder for my business. Very pleased by how much we covered in such a brief time; it’s an investment I’m definitely glad I made.” 

Michael Hopkin

"David took a quick look at my LinkedIn profile and sent me several ideas to improve it. I subsequently set up a call with him where he went into much greater detail on how to really make the profile shine. After making his suggested changes my traffic has increased significantly. I highly recommend you reach out to David."

Emil Djørup

"David and I had a chat about how I could improve my LinkedIn profile during late May. Although we had the conversation via Skype. David was very detail oriented and thorough in his analysis and gave me great advice in regards strengthening my overall profile. I have had job offers tick in ever since and I am sure that it is solely due to the optimization that David provided, enabling me to rank higher on the search results with a visually pleasing profile. I highly recommend David to anyone considering a LinkedIn makeover."

Erich Nielsen

"If you want to make a digital footprint leveraging your presence, you would consider using David’s services. I am.

Besides being a creative writer, David has a background that make it possible for him to understand his client (whether the client is an actual person or a corporation) as well as using his empathy to pin-point what you actually want to say and helps you say it."

Leon Benjamin

"My interactions with David are in his capacity as a Digital Biographer. Some one who brings people’s profiles to life and expertly brings them to other people’s attention. In the world of social networks humanity now finds itself in, some people say these skills are amongst the most precious in the modern world. I happen to agree."

Robert Greig

"David is a first class individual who does exactly what it says on the tin. A master wordsmith who can also understand all of the HTML codes- better than any geek.

David does an excellent job as a Digital Biographer and I have been most impressed when I have heard him give addresses on the subject. He is extremely knowlegeable in his area of expertise and can mesmerise an audience with his captivating wit and oratory. David knows his subject, but can explain the complexities to a layman in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining."

Marc Dhalluin

“Since David made over my profile, not only have I been noticed more, but I have been commended on its appropriateness. Most of all, David is human; and he cares about getting it right. I have rarely felt so good giving a recommendation as I have for David. Oh, and be ready for the additional advice he throws in.” 

Andy Lopata

"Being interviewed for The Sunday Times is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. When I was interviewed, an excellent article was published but unfortunately my name was misspelt. That could have caused problems with people not being able to find me on search engines if they wanted to find out more about me.

Having sent David a text to let him know that the article was there, he called me within an hour and offered to do what he could to rectify the situation with my name. Within another hour any search under the misspelt name on Google would meet David’s blogs at positions 1 and 2, leading them to my site. David proved himself to be a fantastic, generous networker by offering his services and acting so quickly, and on a Sunday. Not only that, he also showed that he is a true master of his craft. Connect with him, you’d be daft not to."

Lynne Everatt

"David Petherick helped me significantly improve my LinkedIn profile in a way that translated profile views into connections and new business. Everyone in LinkedIn could benefit from an objective assessment of their profile, particularly one as expert as David’s. I strongly encourage you to sign up for one of David’s profile enhancement options without delay!"

Rob Hook

"LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build reputations and enhance your brand. It becomes even more powerful if you have a profile that delivers the messages that you want to the right audience. I was fortunate to employ David Petherick to create my profile and am now confident that anyone who reads my profile will understand who I am and the value I create. David has that rare ability to see & hear then translate these in to the written word with power & dynamism. My profile now sums me up perfectly!"

Norma Corlette

"David has an excellent way with words and a good understanding of how to communicate in the virtual world which makes sense to the reader and gets results . Nothing is too much for David and I would highly recommend him."

Christian Abbas

“It's safe to say that David has a very strong grasp of personal branding. He was very quick to respond when I asked for his guidance with improving my LinkedIn profile, and I already feel more confident about my ability to acquire new contacts and generate new leads. Thanks a million!” 

Beth Barrat

“David kindly assisted me with his knowledge and finely tuned mastery of the world of LinkedIn and personal branding. With a wide reaching knowledge base, David's advice is insightful and relevant. I would highly recommend David for his work and expertise.” 

 Yulia Tsybysheva

“David has a clear understanding of how professional social networking and LinkedIn work and can provide practical and valuable advice in the space of a short consultation.”

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100% 1,000-day money-back guarantee

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David Petherick

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