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Doctor David Petherick is In for you, to deliver regular help, advice and encouragement for LinkedIn.

  • All services are delivered by Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or phone to suit your diary. The Doctor's diary robot automagically works out a time that he and you are free, even across timezones.
  • The process starts with a ten minute personal interview to assess your best options for using the service, and how you can best work together with your Doctor to improve your LinkedIn Profile.
  • David Petherick has been delivering LinkedIn Profile Surgery services since 2006, and has been working with Turtl since 2019 to help improve their visibility, legibility and credibility on LinkedIn.

Doctor David Petherick

Doctor David PetherickWho is this Doctor?

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  • Spoken at several conferences internationally on social selling & digital marketing.
  • Clients include Turtl, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, 24 Stories, Toothpic, LetsGetChecked.
  • Contributed to 2 books on social media.
  • Featured on BBC, TechCrunch, Herald, Scotsman, LinkedIn® Official Blog, MarketingLand, CyberAlert, B2BMarketing & more.
  • Delivered presentations or 'LinkedIn Advice Surgeries' at presentations & at conferences from Moscow to Marseilles, Lisbon to London.

Karla Rivershaw recommends Doctor Petherick

Karla Rivershaw recommends Doctor Petherick

"David delivered an excellent package for us that started with an inspiring and very enjoyable group presentation which got all of our diverse team aligned with a common sense of purpose and focus. He followed that up by providing detailed 40-minute remote phone and skype consultations with everyone on the team, delivered one to one, covering the US to the UK. He was also able to spend time one on one with our founder and CEO to assist and guide his social media activity. As a result of his work, we feel that our collective profiles on LinkedIn are far more focused and cohesive. We also have more confidence and structure to how we all interact on LinkedIn to help build our audience, and inform and keep close to our existing and future customers.

I can highly recommend his LinkedIn services - he's knowledgeable, professional, flexible and highly attentive" - Karla Rivershaw, Former Head of Marketing, Turtl

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