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30 LinkedIn Tips: #13/30 – Be human

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor David Petherick. #30by30 #TheDoctorisIn

#13/30: Be human in your profile.

Tell me about yourself. And talk to me as an individual.

I may be interested in the fact that you like scuba diving and cricket. Then again I may not.

I may have a lifetime of loathing for Arsenal, but at least I can start a conversation with you a little more easily now that I know you support them, or send you an appropriate message when your football team wins (or loses) the league.

Your love of horses, funk music or fine wines is something I may not connect with - but it can certainly be the starting point for a conversation.

  • When I read your profile, I don't want to just learn about your business, and how ace you are at that thing you do. I want to feel I have had the equivalent of a chat over a cup of coffee with you, or perhaps a drink or two, and have got to know you a little.

An important part of the job your LinkedIn profile has to do is to act as the starting point for a conversation. And so the more you give people to talk about, the more chance there is of sparking a conversation.

Let's talk. The Doctor is In...

Let's talk. The Doctor is In...

I'm interested in, for example:

  • Wine
  • French, Spanish, Italian and Indian Cooking
  • 20th Century & contemporary literature
  • Travel
  • Catalan history
  • Scottish history
  • Cinema
  • Whisky
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Formula 1

Plenty of topics there to spark a conversation, aren't there?

People buy people - don't disappoint them

People buy people, whatever their business is. And if you're not a person people want to buy into, you are making things difficult for yourself.

So talk about yourself, and let people know about your enthusiasms and passions. A good place to do this is in your 'about' section.

Be you. Be interesting, and interested. Be human. Then people will want to connect.

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