Ten Top Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile

Interactive: Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile 2020

Here is an update to my popular Ten Top Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile in a new, interactive format updated for 2020.

Free to access without any downloads, looks great on mobile devices, and includes the acclaimed LinkedIn 5 a Day Diet as an additional bonus.
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Contents of Top Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile

✔ Tip 1: It's all about your 'About'

The 'about' section may be the only part of your profile that gets read. Make it count...

✔ Tip 2: Look good

Your LinkedIn Profile photo should not be an afterthought.

✔ Tip 3: Show me the benefits

Don't tell me you sell shoe polish. Tell me you'll save me 26% more, and make my shoes last 3 months longer.

✔ Tip 4: Talk to me

Use video or audio on your profile to tell your story and convince & convert

✔ Tip 5: Use recommendations effectively

You are biased. Other people saying you are good is more convincing than you saying it.

✔ Tip 6: Be human...

Don't tell me you are a results-focused professional. Tell me stories and use natural language...

✔ Tip 7: Tales of the Unexpected

Are you the dullest person in the world?

✔ Tip 8: Talk to Strangers

Ask peers or connections for feedback when, or before, you update your profile.

✔ Tip 9: Don't bury the lead

Get to the point with your headline, and don't just add your job title and employer name.

✔ Tip 10: Call to Action

Tell people what action you want them to take next. Or they won't take any action.

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