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Ten Top Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile [10 Videos]

Your LinkedIn Profile is often your first, and can be your last chance to make a positive impression online.

It's a combination of a sales pitch, a personal presentation, a business card, a brochure, a personal statement, a list of recommendations, a mini web-site, and a wave from across the room.

It has a lot of work to do, and it only has a few seconds to either succeed or fail in doing that work. So - how do you make it a success?

Here are ten static videos (Nothing to look at, just audio) outlining my Ten Top Tips to improve your LinkedIn Profile, gleaned from my years of experience on LinkedIn writing profiles for clients.

Tip 1 - Forget your CV or Resumé  [2m54s]

Tip 2 - Look good [3m38s]

Tip 3 - Show me the benefits [2m47s]

Tip 4 - Talk to me [1m45s]

Tip 5 - Use recommendations effectively [2m1s]

Tip 6 - Be human... [2m22s]

Tip 7 - Tales of the Unexpected [2m24s]

Tip 8 - Talk to strangers [2m24s]

Tip 9 - Don't bury the lead [4m25s]

Tip 10 - Call for action [2m26s]

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