Ten Worst LinkedIn profile Mistakes - Animation

Interactive: Ten Worst LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

An interactive guide to the Ten Worst Mistakes you can make on LinkedIn - and how to avoid making them.

By Doctor David Petherick.

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This guide works superbly on any device, and includes the key mistakes to avoid.

  1. #1: Poor Headline - Get to the point with your headline, and don't just add your job title and employer name.
  2. #2: Poor photo - Your LinkedIn Profile photo should not be an afterthought. Invest in a professional headshot to show your best face to the world.
  3. #3: No 'About' section - Introduce yourself and tell your story in your about section...
  4. #4: Lazy Language - Don't tell me you are a results-focused professional. Tell me stories and use natural language...
  5. #5: Sketchy Career History - Go into detail about your current and past roles...
  6. #6 No Skills - Showcase your top skills and remove low value skills...
  7. #7: No Recommendations - Use recommendations to underscore your expertise, attitude and flexibility...
  8. #8: No Activity - If you been contributing next to nothing on LinkedIn, what will you contribute to your next employer?
  9. #9: My duties included... - It's not enough to state what you did - what did you achieve?
  10. #10: Poor focus - What is your core skill? Where is your career headed?



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