Austrslian Wildfires Donations January 2020

20% of all Sales in January 2020 donated to Australian Red Cross

Austrslian Wildfires Donations January 2020

I will be donating 20% of all sales of all my services in January 2020 to the Australian Red Cross Wildfires Appeal.

Wildfires are ravaging Australia, and the Australian Red Cross are providing emergency relief at the sharp end. I want to help them do that.

Your donation helps Red Cross give people the support they need in disasters, whenever and wherever they happen. The Red Cross has decades of experience in caring for people affected by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, storms, fire, drought and other emergencies.

This includes:

  • recovery programs and emergency assistance in communities affected by disasters like bushfires, heat, floods cyclones and other emergencies
  • helping people and communities prepare for disasters and protect what matters most
  • training, equipment, logistics and coordination of our volunteers

If you would like to make a donation directly, please visit the Red Cross Donations Page

This is an issue affecting one country - for now - but this is part of a bigger issue that affects all of humanity. Thank you.


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