30 LinkedIn Tips: #30/30 – Never stop updating

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor David Petherick. #30by30 #TheDoctorisIn

#30/30: Never stop updating your profile. You're a work in progress.

I'm not the man I was yesterday. I've learned a little more. I've reflected a little more. I've experienced a little more. I've talked to a few more people who have helped me to evolve my knowledge and insight.

Doctor David Petherick - The Doctor is InAnd so, I regularly update my profile. I make small, incremental changes to reflect where I am now, and what my focus is, or something I've learned.

It may be as simple as spotting how to say something better, or shift the focus to something new or trending. It's in flux, constantly.

Do the same with your LinkedIn profile.

It's never done, because you're never done.

And the change you make today could be the one that makes a new connection tomorrow. And who knows where that can lead?

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