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I give free advice, not sales pitches

I had almost finished a free profile microsurgery with a LinkedIn member in Brazil yesterday. Then they said something which completely stopped me in my tracks: —

“I was expecting you to pitch me with a special offer or something!”
I told them that I never do that. What I do when I offer free advice is precisely that: I offer free advice. Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch when they are looking for some help and guidance with LinkedIn.
But it seems, people still expect this.
You won’t get it from me.
And you may well get more than ten minutes of my time.

People buy when they are ready, not when they are pushed.

 When people are ready to buy my expertise, they will. I’m never going to push people into it — that’s not how I operate. Never has been.
So if you’re nervous about asking for advice on #LinkedIn because you think it’s going to be a sales call, think again.
It’s going to be ten minutes packed with the expertise and insight. The sort of expertise I’ve gained writing Profiles on LinkedIn since 2006. With my attention laser-focused on your situation and your profile.
“David provided me with truly invaluable feedback on my LinkedIn profile and showed how strong his expertise is with being incredibly detailed. It was equally helpful for myself to also question what my goals with LinkedIn were. This clarity has already helped me to set new targets and aspire to achieve more than I thought previously possible. Would highly recommend!” — Dec McLaughlin

Why do I do this for free?

Simple fact is this: Looking at profiles and analysing them live is the best way for me to practice my craft. It keeps me sharp. I spot new features as they appear. And there’s always something I can see that can improve any profile.
Plus, it also gives people time to get to know me. I sometimes make a new friend. And it puts them in more of a mood to buy my services when the time is right.

Do you want expert LinkedIn advice — free?

✅ You can book a free 10-minute zoom call with me to suit your diary and your timezone at https://mzs.es/free
I can only offer free advice one day a week. Right now, this is for a few hours every Tuesday. So book early.
And if you do want a sales pitch, try somebody else. I know there are plenty of people out there happy to oblige!

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  1. Wayne Yoshida on November 2, 2022 at 3:16 pm

    YES, exactly my feelings as a consumer of – anything.

    “People buy when they are ready, not when they are pushed.”