How to connect better on LinkedIn -03

We all get LinkedIn connection requests.

And in most cases, we have no idea why people want to connect.

But there is a very simple way to screen all of your LinkedIn connection requests to find out if there is value in the connection.

Here's how to do it in six simple steps.

1: Click on 'My Network'

It's on the top menu.

How to connect better on LinkedIn -01

2: Click on 'See all x'

3: Send a message to each and every individual

This is what you'll see when you click on 'See all X': You can reply to personalised requests or message generic connection requests with a click. Tip: It's best to do open each reply in a new browser tab so you can always get back to this screen.

How to connect better on LinkedIn -03

I send people this simple message:

“Hello [NAME], thanks for the request to connect. I am just checking for a pulse, and am curious to know why you want to join my LinkedIn network? — David”

4: Wait. If they don't respond, click on 'Ignore'.

I usually give people a week or two to respond. If they can't make the effort to respond, I don't see any value in the connection, so I will then click on 'Message' to check if there has been a communication from them, but if not, will simply click on 'Ignore'. Goodbye.

5: If they do respond with an immediate sales pitch, click on 'Ignore'.

Nobody likes to be sold to the first time they meet someone. So if I get a generic sales pitch, then I just click 'Ignore'. Life's too short. Sometimes I will send them a pre-scripted educational message, depending on how badly they got it wrong, and if I have time for this.

6: If they respond with a genuine response, click on 'Accept'

I like to meet new people and learn new things. It's what makes the world go round on LinkedIn.

But I only want to connect with people when they seem genuine, interested, and have a real reason for wanting to connect with me.

This technique means I only connect where there's some potential value.


  • What's your LinkedIn connection strategy or 'Why do you want to connect' question?

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