Ten Worst LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

Interactive: Worst LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

Here is an update to my popular Ten Worst LinkedIn Profile Mistakes in a new, interactive format updated for 2020.

Free to access without any downloads, looks great on mobile devices, and includes the acclaimed LinkedIn 5 a Day Diet as an additional bonus.

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Contents of Ten Worst LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

✘ Mistake 1: Poor Headline

Your headline is your digital calling card. It has a lot of work to do. Don't just add your job title and employer name. Make it count...

✘ Mistake 2: Poor photo

Your LinkedIn Profile photo should not be an afterthought. Look professional from the start.

✘ Mistake 3: No 'about' section

It's the equivalent of staying silent than walking away when asked to talk about yourself. Fix this.

✘ Mistake 4: Lazy language

Oh no, not another 'results-driven professional with excellent customer-facing skills'!

✘ Mistake 5: Sketchy Career History

Fill in the blanks, and remember to include some tangible accomplishments.

✘ Mistake 6: No skills...

If you don't show off your skills, recruiters searching for those skills won't find you. And if your top skills don't align with your current role, then there's a problem.

✘ Mistake 7: No recommendations

If nobody can vouch for you, it's just one voice shouting. Other people talking about you deliver serious credibility.

✘ Mistake 8: No activity on LinkedIn

Show up, and say something. If you're never there for others on LinkedIn, they'll never be there for you.

✘ Mistake 9: My duties included...

If you just list the duties you perform, you sound like a servant. What have you done to move the needle?

✘ Tip 10: Lack of focus

What is your core expertise? Even if you have several roles, what's the key one you want people to remember?

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