Connect or Follow?

LinkedIn now gives you the option to display a 'Follow' button as the main button call to action on your profile page, as opposed to the current 'Connect' default.

This has been the main option for high profile users who are in LinkedIn's 'inFluencer' program for some time, but now, all users will be able to do the same.

InFluencers like Branson already have 'Follow' as their default

InFluencers like Branson already have 'Follow' as their default

LinkedIn is notifying selected users of the update via e-mail - but you don't have to wait to get the email to switch this on. You just need to activate it on mobile or desktop - instructions and screen shots showing how to do this are below.

To quote LinkedIn:

"When members follow you, they are more likely to see your content in their feed. This allows members to stay up to date with topics they care about and join your conversation. We've heard from you that it can be overwhelming to receive a large volume of connection requests from people you do not know. This option makes it easy to establish a relationship and share your insights with people who are interested in what you have to say."

How to make the switch

Change LinkedIn Button from Connect to Follow

Change LinkedIn Button from Connect to Follow in the mobile app

Mobile: To make 'Follow' the button of choice on your LinkedIn profile, you need to go to your 'Settings' in the LinkedIn mobile app, then go to the 'Privacy' tab. In that listing, you'll find a 'Who can follow you' setting - tap on that and you can select the CTA for your profile.  Changes take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Desktop: Go to your Privacy Settings and select the last sub-section entitled 'Blocking and Hiding' where it's the first option. Quite why it's under this section is rather baffling. A shortcut to this setting in LinkedIn is

Desktop option to swap 'Connect' to 'Follow' button on your LinkedIn Profile

Desktop option to swap 'Connect' to 'Follow' button on your LinkedIn Profile

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