Ten Critical LinkedIn Settings

Ten Critical LinkedIn Settings you really need to check TODAY…

LinkedIn’s settings area is like a complex maze, and it’s not always easy to find out what’s important or even where you are. This beautiful interactive guide points you to the ten most crucial areas of your settings, and explains how to set them for the best benefit.

The Critical Settings Guide is in a free interactive format that’s regularly updated. So it’s always current, even when LinkedIn changes things around. It looks great on any device, and there are no downloads or tedious email mailing list signup processes.

Tem Critical LinkedIn Settings

Here’s a preview of the ten sections of the guide, with links taking you to those specific sections of the guide.

How a section of the guide looks

#1: Hidden Contact Info

#2: Remove Distractions

#3: Don’t get hacked

#4: Add your personal email address

#5: Connect your Twitter

#6: Show your Public Profile

Manage how your profile appears when found in search outside LinkedIn.

#7: Are you Open to Opportunities?

Highlight your professional services, or that you’re open to job offers, or tell the world you are hiring.

#8: Private Network?

You can choose whether your connections can see your other connections.

#9: Active Status

Manage who can see when you are active on LinkedIn.

#10: Manage your Notifications

Manage what you are alerted about, and how this happens.


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